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Now let’s talk Cancellations!

Those who know me and those who have met me will attest that I am a very genuine and honest woman and I send this post out with the utmost respect to all!

I am a SOLE operator (emphasis on SOLE)

Not only do I operate my business and workshops but I also work part time, I am a mother, a wife and currently working 7…. YES 7 days a week!

I invest a lot of time and money into my Business and workshops (materials, catering ) as I want to provide an amazing experience.



Whilst I understand the effects of COVID (as My family have been affected) it’s making everyone's lives a little more difficult and I want to reassure all of my clientele that I will do my very best to look after you.

If you need to cancel because you have been issued with a positive COVID test, you will be issued with a credit to use at another suitable time for everyone.

apologize, but I cannot offer refunds under any circumstances on any of my workshops.

If you give more than 7 days notice, you can either transfer to another workshop if there is available space or I can give you a credit to use towards a future workshop - credits are valid for 12 months from the issue date and cannot be used after this.



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