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🫶🏽Flood Fundraising Appeal🫶🏽

We have had major flooding up in the Kimberley’s with a lot of people being evacuated and airlifted out of Fitzroy Crossing - or stuck there!

The main bridge went under the other day and now is destroyed by strong waters!

Animals are stranded and cattle/ horses seen floating downstream, literally no land for them to run to, everything covered by flooding!

It would mean the world to me if you can help donate to assist with purchasing food, baby items, clothings, animal rescue (food) Anything is welcomed as family are stuck!

Broome has also had serious flooding but at least there is not a lot of damage or folks stranded!

I am currently awaiting confirmation regarding any donated items, where they can be dropped/posted ect

Here is where you can donate funds.⬇️

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