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Foster Families

Evening everyone, I want to share something that is incredibly important, especially to all those foster families out there.

A foster family of four children came to me desperately seeking cultural support and immersion , she had tried for many years in Perth, where she approached numerous indigenous organisations who advised “we can’t teach them, because they aren’t from here” (this seems to be the general statement of multiple foster parents who have come to speak with me)

Whilst there are a number of aspects of each tribe that cannot be taught to one’s not of that tribe, we can teach and build the foundations of that young child who simply has no connection to culture. How does one turn away children who are not with their parents and who may never know their own mob simply astounds and saddens me to the core!

So I sat with their foster mum and we had a good yarn about it and I told her that very day I would help and she would see a massive difference in those children!

This video showcases active engagement and genuine listening skills, not bad for kids who have ADHD and get kicked out of art class!

They sit the entire hour, concentrating on their pieces and taking great care of their work with such pride.

This here is the true value of cultural learnings that are so deeply longed for.

We have had a total of 4 sessions, that’s 4hrs!!

Results speak for themselves 🙌🏽

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