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NAIDOC 2023 Submission

Phew, nervously I share with you my National NAIDOC 2023 Submission! Entire piece hand painted using acrylic and inks on canvas.

This year’s “ For Our Elders” really resonated with me as ngai (I) have recently lost my Bibi (Mother) and 2 years before her, my Kogo(Father), ngai (I) miss them so much, they taught me everything ngai (I) know which ngai (I) pass on Mibala-ngainj (proudly) to my Wooba’s (children) and through my Cultural Awareness Workshops!

Ngai (I) painted this in homage to my parents & Djugun people’s of Broome.

Written in Djugun

Ngai (I) am proud Descendant of the Djugun, Yawuru peoples of Broome and the Bardi Jawi peoples from One Arm Point Western Australia.

Thank you.

🪃Nila- Remember🪃

Milagara jan (Listen to me) while ngai (I) hold your Nimarrangka (hands) so gently.

Ngai (I) will teach you the stories and Jabi’s (songs) of your Jabulyu (old) ones, while ngai (I) show you how to get those Tchugar’s (cockles).

You see my Ubardu Waranyjarri (little one), ngai (I) have many stories to tell, so you know who you are, where you come from, where you belong, your country, from Buru (the land) to Kujanguru (the sea), with all the animals, who your mob are, to make you grounded and strong!

You see my Uba Waranyjarri (little one) my old ones told me these too, when ngai (I) was once Uba (little) like you.

You must remember that we are the Custodians of this place & our peoples must look after it like all our old ones before us.

You must Nila (remember) my Uba Warrinjarri (little one) our journey has not been easy, we fought hard for you, so you have the freedom today and with the Bunuwal (East), Gularr (West), Yalban (South) and Wardi (North) Wongal (Winds), with the Igardiwalga (Sunsets) and Burdingawalga (Sunrises), ngai (I) will instil upon you the knowledge of this place, your peoples stories, love and strength to go forth and share the truths of our peoples and Nila (remember) us, for all your Elders.

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