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This beautiful 2mx2m hand painted by my daughter Ivy (17yrs) & my niece Varda (17yrs)

is now discounted at 25% off original price and is now $7,199.25.

Title: Walk Through

This painting represents to Tribes, the Yawuru from Broome WA and the Walmajarri from Fitzroy Crossing WA.

This was painted by Sammy's daughter Ivy and her niece

Nevada as the girls wanted to show the difference and diversity between the tribes and how they paint.

Nevada, 16yrs old, skin name is Numpajin, I'm from the Walmajarri tribe up near Fitzroy crossing.

Ivyana, 16 years old, my aboriginal name is Binda Binda which in Djugun language means "butterfly".

I am a descendant of the Bardi Jaw and Djugun Yawuru tribes from Broome Northwest of Australia.


Walk Through

AU$9,599.00 Regular Price
AU$5,279.45Sale Price
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