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We regret to inform you that our physical Gallery at 8/660 Great Northern Highway, Herne Hill WA is now closed. However, we are excited to announce that we have moved online! You can now browse and purchase our beautiful Aboriginal art from the comfort of your own home. We offer a wide selection of unique artwork from my talented family of artists. We have prints, paintings, and other artwork available to suit all tastes and budgets. Thank you for your continued support, and we hope to see you soon online!

I am an Aboriginal woman of the Djugun,Yawuru and Bardi Jawi Tribes, who owns and operates my business that respects each and all the different Aboriginal groups and Non-Indigenous.

I have hosted Art exhibitions, sold at markets, invited to be apart of numerous exhibitions, invited to collaborate and invited to work with schools.

I was taught by mother and now my children learn and sell their artworks.

I am very passionate about my culture and empowering my people, especially our youth,  no matter what tribe they come from.

Fun Facts About me;

2022: I am the first Aboriginal Woman to hand craft the Mr and Miss Naidoc Crowns 2022.

2022: I designed a limited edition for Gilbert's Rugby balls and 50 balls.

2021: I spent 60 hours hand painting a Gown that is on display at the Boola Bardip Museum.

2020: I designed the Broome Sea Rescue Shirts.

2019: Naidoc Awards designed for Goolarri Media.

2016: won the Shinju Photography Award as part of the annual Shinju Festival.


“We had a great time participating online from the Geraldton office. I really enjoyed learning about the meaning of the art symbols (and even researched a few more…)

I also thought it was great that Sammy took the opportunity to bring her daughter along and continue her story and knowledge that way.”

“The class was really good and it was very educational.”

“I really enjoyed the class held by Sammy, she is a lovely down to earth person and explained in a very easy-going way what the key symbols were in the paintings.  It was a very relaxing experience to let our brushes and sticks capture our life story and the things that are very important to us. With no plan of what I was going to paint, my life just sort of flowed onto the canvas.

“It was a fantastic session, Sammy did an excellent job balancing creativity with cultural learning.”

“It was great and I’ve learnt so much. I’ve just collected my son from school and told him all about it and what my picture means. He was pretty impressed with the story but was more amazed that I painted it! I think that is praise from a 4 year old.”

"I couldn’t believe how quickly the one hour session went, but also how much we were able to capture and retain.”

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